Saturday, November 6, 2010

Let's Hit This Thing OFF

Seeing as this will be my first official blog, I'll do a few simple introductions to demonstrate how my brain works so you can decide for yourself whether you have the time to waste on me or not. 
Herpin' ma derp like a pro. C:
My name is Emily. I live in Australia and I'm about to enter the reality of the world for the first time. After next week I will have completed my Victorian Certificate of Education, and then.. SWEET FREEDOM. My reaction when I come to eventually realise that I will no longer be forced to eat at least one Weet-Bix every morning before I walk the 10 minutes to my bus stop may or may not end in a sudden outburst of something completely absurd and unreasonable. I'm yet to be sure.
Then again, nothing can compare to the challenge of remaining calm whilst reading terribly translated manga. I still grin like an idiot whenever I read that.
I've recently gotten into this really unique Electro-Industrial artist; Unter Null. Erica Dunham, who is also working on her side project, 'Stray', finally released her third album earlier this year, 'Moving On', after a five year break from, 'The Failure Epiphany' (which is also a fantastic album). I'm the type of person that listens to music to reflect or reimburse my emotions, and I've spent many moments gazing out windows or jumping around in my room, disturbing the neighbours with the upbeat percussion and my terrible screaming. It's fun though, and I take comfort in knowing that these emotions aren't only restricted to me. I can be as sad, angry, happy or crazy as I want to be when I listen to her.
My personal favourite from 'The Failure Epiphany'; 'Stray'.
'The Coldness Of Caring' from 'Moving On' CD2.
I've spent a great deal of time flicking through all the photos and videos from live shows and greasing off all these people who can attend and have the opportunity to hold such a privilege because they live in America. Sucks being cut off from some of the most amazing artists out there. 
Oh, that's another thing that's bugging me. I want awesome hair. Like. Really badly. Like these, but less whoring:
But let's face it, shit like that never happens. I might go shorter and colour it a dark auburn red or purple at the end of the year, but I don't know what the shit my hair is doing any more. Seems like every hairdresser I go to has the intention of making me look "kyoote". Why do they not understand that I want my fringe out of my eyes so I can actually see at least 1/4 of my left visionary field? Sure, I used to have the typical emo/scene haircut, and I loved it. But it's like I'm speaking in Cantonese now. In such cases my conscience rapidly create an insatiable urge to yell at them to see if they're actually listening or if I really am just playing the doll in a children's game. It's like they enjoy being able to sit there deciding how to best fuck up your style while sneakily looking at themselves in the mirror and admiring their own perfectly groomed hair.
But, hey. I look back at myself, then at them. Then I think something along the lines of this and amuse myself.
[I almost lost all those ramblings cause blogspot was being a champ. But unfortunately for you, I didn't. So. Ossim.] :D kthnxbai

Someone very special to me has noticed that I have not put them in here, and it worried me that they felt left out. I was intending my next post to include them, but this is to ensure that I do! Next topic of interest: 
My love and life.

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