Thursday, March 10, 2011

I woke up today at 7:33am to a text from my ex. Thanks guy. :P I went back to sleep after that so it was okay, but I started to dream. I don't really understand why I dreamed what I did, but I guess there's a reason behind everything. I should know, seeing as I'm studying Psychology..

It started off with me being in a small country town, which I initially believed to be where my Pa lives. Turned into Ballarat after a while, not that I really remember what it's even like, but whatever. It's a dream.
I was eating dinner with some made-up mind friends, when I noticed something moving outside. It wasn't dark, but the figure was shadowed from view. I started seeing this shadow wherever I went, so I became scared and ran. Two of the friends came with me, looking out for the shadow and helping me along the way. I'd left behind my family and people I cared about, but I knew I had to get away from the shadow.
We walked for a long time, along a dirt road with yellow-brown grass tickling our knees. We came to a main road with many cars and trucks soaring past us which were going faster than you would expect, even for a country freeway. I don't know why, but one of the friends told us we needed to cross the road to continue. So we did, and caused an accident.
I almost didn't see a truck coming from the right, which was closest to us. One friend pulled me back, and then we crossed. There was no island in the middle, so we couldn't stay there - we kept running. Another truck carrying a large load was coming our way from the left this time. It swerved to avoid us and tumbled over to its side, crushing the driver inside and toppling over the road. It caught fire but we didn't turn to look.

We walked some more, and then... I saw it. The shadow had followed us; me. I panicked and tried to find my phone, to ring somebody for help. Emergency services wouldn't pick up. It was just me, two people I'd made up in my head and the shadow that taunted me. It was sitting up behind a wall of bushes and trees, watching us. I knew it was there, I saw it move sometimes, but for some reason we stayed there overnight. 
The next morning I went back. The two friends had disappeared and left me alone. I got to the top of a hill and managed to call the police. I tried to explain what had happened, but he simply told me that there were more immediate dangers to other people and that I was complaining about nothing. I told him I was scared for my safety but he told me it didn't matter and hung up.

I felt isolated and frightened. I wasn't sure where I was or what would happen if the shadow caught me. I thought of the one place I knew I wouldn't be affected. My ex's arms.
I found my way back to town and suddenly he was there, but leaving for the airport. My dream shifted to when we were there, and I was running through the crowds, searching for the back of his head. I saw it, but he was running too. I followed and he flew down a ramp that looked like a terminal exit. His bag was checked and he went outside. There was a weird staircase to the left, which he took. I could see through the window that it lead to some room upstairs that was lit red and gold..

I managed to get up there and listened to what was being said - "Some of you need more protection during the flight than others. Your skin has been checked by Rob. Can the following people now step forward and lie down here." At least that's what I imagine what was said, I don't really remember. 

What they were doing was melting some kind of metal into peoples' skin. It was horrible to watch and listen to them whimper as it was pressed on like a white-hot iron. I wouldn't let them do it to him, so I lay down on top of him and took it. Pain soared through my body as I screamed and my eyes watered, but it hadn't touched him. He didn't look at me.
I ended up in Sydney too. He was walking down a cobbled street and I was following. He slowed down so he could walk beside me when he noticed I was still there, and we just kept walking. Together; his face stony, my skin crusted with red and gold splinters, sparkling against the sunset that should have warmed my heart and reflected in my eyes. Instead, I saw and felt nothing. He didn't really care about what I'd done...

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