Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tears Don't Fall

Today is one of those days where I tend to grasp a subject and give extensive thought to it. I awoke at 1pm after dreaming of a little girl, cursed with a terrible rage that caused her to become extremely violent to those nearby who were happy in some way. She looked somewhat like the girl from F.E.A.R., or this:
Google searched "little girl scary", lol.
A friend of mine has recently gotten engaged, and her fiancĂ© and her were two of the people in my dream that caught the little girl's attention. Many anonymous people were killed, commonly being sprayed with a corrosive substance then having their eyes gauged out by the girl's nails. My friend and her future husband escaped that fate though. They hid together in a dark room and held on to each other, hoping that they could at least die in the midst of their passion for one another.
Guardians appeared just as the little girl stepped inside the room, a dark shadow following her stead. The two gazed up to the spirits and they protected their hearts as they escaped into the light. Similar to what tends to occur in movies where characters appear to "see God". The little girl's rage ceased and she was left with the mutilated bodies and a harsh price to repent for her actions. Then.. I proceeded to dream about Desert Rabbits from MapleStory, so let's just leave the whole meaningful part at that xD 
It just seems to me that my subconscious tells me these stories that I should listen to, like visions of the truth of the world entering my thoughts as I sleep. I gained a new sense of the importance of love from this one, though I don't need much more to tell me about that. My boyfriend visited for my birthday last week - the first time I've seen him in two months. He spoils me rotten, to be honest. Always doing things for me and thinking of me first. We did so many things together that I will hold dear to my heart. I want to remember these memories forever from that week. 

  • Flinders to Southern Cross Walk
  • Elizabeth Street
  • Train Rides
  • The Walking Dead 4/5
  • "Let Me Count The Ways I Love You"
  • Walking With Dinosaurs
  • The Stokehouse
  • "Should've had the Rabbit"
  • French Martinis
  • Taxi Driver Conversation
  • Nights in the Lounge
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Wii
  • Michalengelo's 
  • Watermelon Mai Tai
That's not it, but what a pro as drink.
  • Black Jelly Bean Drink!
  • Aranwen Pendant
  • Sour Strawberry thingies
  • Carbonara
  • Tequila Shots
  • Xbox~Halo 3
  • Getting drenched outside DFO
  • Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1
  • Presentation Evening
  • McDonald's
  • Red Bull + Wicked
  • Waking up at 6am to his smile
  • "What?"
  • Puffer-fish
  • Scorpion Spider Squeal
  • MapleCrack
  • Stir-Fry
  • Saying goodbye
  • Watching the train leave...
Ah, it's hard. This time I felt more emotional about him leaving than I ever have, apart from one other time - when we first met. I just wanted to hold him forever. As soon as he walked on to the train, I felt compelled to pull him back. But I couldn't. I just had to stand there and be ripped apart. I suppose that is why I had such a dream. I was being told to realise that, although we are apart, our love is stronger than any darkness that may come our way. Harry and I have endured one of the most hurtful experiences one can ever be asked to digest, but it has made the bond we share stronger than most could ever be. 
And so it is on that note that I will end this post, for I think that I need say no more. I just needed to write it down somewhere; to express my inner thoughts as best I can. Despite how down it all makes me and how upset I may get, I look forward to walking into that light with the man I love, holding his hand as I do with every waking moment I share with him.

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